Katherine Atkinson offers up an acerbic, sideways view of motherhood… if she can be bothered. She delivers her dark humour in a deadpan way, but there are glimpses of a lighter side when she sometimes cracks a smile. Having been in two compilation shows in the Brighton Fringe in 2017 and 2018, she features in another one in 2019 with comedian Fatiha El-Ghorri, in a show called Mocking Birds. 

Katherine has been gigging for three years all over the south of England, and has performed in many highly regarded clubs including The Angel Comedy Club and The Billy Murray in London, and Comic Boom and Krater at the Komedia in Brighton.  

“A comedian so deadpan she makes Jack Dee look like Timmy Mallett” (Steve Bennett, Chortle).

“She affects a perma-sneer as venomous, bitter disdain drips from her pursed lips. It’s something of a panto-villain performance as she play up her role as a lazy woman and terrible mother with nothing but contempt for humanity……. Atkinson certainly demonstrates she can pen a harshly funny line to express her misanthropic outlook.” Steve Bennett, Chortle).

Funny Women Stage Awards Regional Finalist (2017)

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