Alex is an Artist in the System Change Hive, an interdisciplinary hub creating visions of a new world – including in VR. 

Her journey so far includes a move from Brighton to a remote island, the Outer Hebrides. Whilst there, she won funding from Creative Scotland National Lottery through the VACMA Awards 2017 – 18, to develop a kinetic art installation with video mapping. 

Now her creative path continues to evolve alongside a newly found life and light, back in Brighton completing a Masters in Digital Media Art. 

As well as interactive installation art with video mapping and learning basic processing skills, she is learning more about immersive technologies, as a vehicle for telling powerful stories. With another VR experience in progress, ‘The Interactive Quantum Jewel’.

Alex’s previous interactive installation, the ‘Sound of Colour,’ is an illusionary synaesthesia experience. As the participants move around, the colours that fill the space change in response. It includes healing gong sounds, ‘Ascending’ – the first part of The Lightning Path, a planet gong meditation based on the Tree of Life. 

This is just the beginning of an exploration into the healing potential of colour and sound, in immersive technologies.

Listen to Alex on the Funny For a Woman Podcast here

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