Rachel’s creative life began at school when her art teacher decided to put one of her paintings into the Royal Academy open call at the tender age of 15. She realised perhaps it was worth pursuing her passion of painting and drawing and went on to study at Richmond College and Wimbledon School of Art. Her first jobs involved making sets for fringe theatre companies and art directing short films and pilot tv drama. After exhibiting and selling her work for many years she returned to her love of drawing after having settling and having a family. She now works as a freelance illustrator and in 2016 she co published an illustrated guide book to her home town of Hastings and St Leonards called the ‘Sneeky Peek Picturesque guide to Hastings and St Leonards On Sea’. She also illustrates for private clients,magazines and small businesses looking for illustration in their branding as well as producing decorative window art for shops, schools and events. Rachel likes to play in the realm of Art and enjoys saying yes to all kinds of projects as long as it involves drawing. She’s also secretly fallen in love with getting tattoos and would love to become someones apprentice!


You can listen to Rachel on our Funny For a Woman Podcast here:https://funnyforawoman.com/2019/01/01/funny-for-a-woman-rachel-heavens/

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