Terianne Falcone appeared on American national television in Law & Order, Saturday Night Live, Criminal Intent, various independent films, voice-over and radio. In New York, she appeared monthly with Chicks with Shticks at Caroline’s on Broadway and performed her highly acclaimed one-woman show, Good Grief all over Manhattan and again recently at the Brighton Fringe where it was rated “Not to be Missed”. In Massachusetts, she co-founded the controversial but hilarious all-female Sleeveless Theatre. Terianne has taught and led workshops in acting and improvisation all over the East Coast as well as in Italy. She’s run comedy nights in both Rome and Brighton and is looking for just the right venue in the Big Smoke that is London.
She currently working on a comedy video for Punkanary where she plays a character who gets increasingly injured as the story goes on.
Her blog, forblogssake.org, pokes fun at all things Brit — from her New York American perspective. Gary Austin –the late famed acting coach, director and founder of the celebrated award-wining Groundlings Theatre in Los Angeles – says Falcone “… plays characters from the most bizarre to the most ordinary… her face is like modeling clay, and the physical life she brings to the stage opens the door to naked emotions.”

“She’s beautiful and that bit about the secretary who wants to dance – genius! Crazy funny!” – Greg of Lillo and Greg, famous comedy duo in Italy

“I don’t get it.”
– Her sister

About her big-haired New Jersey Italian character on Saturday Night Live: “Teri, you looked so pretty but why did you have to chew gum?”
– Her mother

Follow Terianne on:
Terianne’s blog: forblogssake.org
Follow her on Facebook: www.facebook.com/forblogssake.org
YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCboAZs5jjHL0uQXvTi5hz9g

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