Sameena Zehra is an award winning comedian, writer, storyteller, political satirist, intersectional feminist and humanist with a unique take on the world; equally at home exploring the individual experiences of daily life and the larger issues of the world we live in.

She has performed her solo shows all over the world, including Edinburgh Fringe, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Brighton Fringe, Adelaide Fringe and New Zealand Fringe, where she was nominated for ‘Best In Fringe’ 2016, and won ‘Outstanding Performer’ in 2017. 

She is a blues singer/songwriter, director and accomplished actor who has worked at the National Theatre, and toured internationally with the Royal Shakespeare Company. 

She is also an extreme doodler! Find out more on, follow on twitter @sameenazehra & Instagram @sameena.zehra or get yourself an extreme doodle on

Check out Sameena live here in two very funny video clips:

You can listen to Sameena on our Funny For a Woman Podcast here:

Photo by Uday Singh

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